Champions Factory

Champions Factory is an international non-governmental organisation bringing social change through innovations in education and sport. Champions Factory is established and with headquarters in Sofia (Bulgaria), as it has offices in London (United Kingdom) and
Dublin (Ireland).
Champions Factory works in the following fields:
– Young people and youth workers – through innovative educational methodologies they develop and empower young people to be active citizens and to reach their potential to full capacity on national and international level. They have involved more than 1600 youth from disadvantaged areas and NEETs in different courses and initiatives, as well as more than 480 youth in international exchanges, courses, seminars, meetings, etc.
– “Champions Academy” – private program for young people to develop their leadership and communicational skills, knowledge and competencies
– International Network “Learning through sport” – Champions Factory develops, tests and spreads the “learning through sport” methodology, which builds-up leadership skills in youth and promotes the values of sport (fairness, team building, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect).
– Vocational education and training – Champions Factory runs the biggest vocational education and training consortium among sports schools in Bulgaria, as they have 5 sport schools members
– Adult learners – Champions Factory provides teaching and training courses for staff of adult education organisations in areas as intercultural classrooms, tolerance and diversity, and sport management
– Developing Mountain Biking in Bulgaria and Europe and managing Champions Factory Bike Park “Rilla Lakes.”