NGO Nest Berlin

NGO NEST Berlin was born in 2016 out of an initiative by young professionals in the fields of NGO, Social Innovation, European projects, European mobility, Networking and Non Formal Education  methods.
The organization aims at advancing human, social and socioeconomic development of  young people through creating and deploying a multilayered  set of educational activities targeted at young people in cooperation with NGOs and stakeholders at the different levels. This aim will be pursued through an emphasis on networking with NGOs and stakeholder entities  encompassing  the local/regional/national dimensions (joint elaboration and implementation  of educational programmes delivered through Non Formal Education methods involving different targets of the youth population ) as well as the European sphere (European project design, establishment of European  networks of NGOs and stakeholders, offer of European mobility opportunities to young people). NEST Berlin at the same time operates in connection with NGOs and stakeholders at the European level for the purpose of exchanging best practices in youth work and youth education, with the main aim of representing a transnational hub of innovation in NGO practices and coordination schemes between NGOs and stakeholders in Europe.