The Nest Social Cooperative Enterprise

The Nest is the Hellenic Centre on Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation with official branches in Athens, Alexandroupoli (North Greece) and small ‘nests’ in Lesbos (N.Aegean Islands) and Vytina (South Greece). Its Vision is to transform entrepreneurial mindsets towards the social entrepreneurship paradigm; to empower people to achieve social change through the development of socially innovative business ventures. Our offices are within the incubator of Athens University of Economics and Business, ACEin where students and alumni startuppers entrepreneurs are incubated . We also keep working space within Impact Hub Athens the biggest  community offering incubation and co-working space to startuppers social entrepreneurs.

We are the ambassadors in Athens and Alexandroupoli of Startup Europe Week. We are actively engaged in the startup ecosystem all over Greece offering entrepreneurship workshops in several  cities all over Greece. The Nest Incubator runs training programmes to long-term unemployed, disadvantaged groups, prospective social entrepreneurs and NEETs(persons not in employment and formal education) all around Greece through action learning, holistic learning and design thinking methodologies. We use pro-action café, graphic processing and play processing through accredited play-therapists and other specialized techniques that help deliver the learning objectives to these populations. We have also implemented with our partners these methodologies in stakeholder groups in Bratislava, in Romania, in London and in Amsterdam within the frameworks of the Erasmus Plus programmes “SOFE” and “SOG-TIM” that we are running.