Blended Mobility of Adult Learners in Sardinia

  • July 17, 2019
  • Sardinia, Italy

The hosting organization of the Piloting was Mine Vaganti NGO. The Piloting took place in Sassari (Italy) for a total duration of 14 days of activity. The profile of the participants involved was that of female migrants running a businessin the Fashion sector and interested in supporting the entrepreneurial development (acquisition of instruments to structure entrepreneurial intentions and translatethem into entrepreneurial actions) of female migrants’ prospective entrepreneurs in the Fashion field and willing to setup their own Fashion startups.

The specific sessions of the Piloting will be arranged based on the results developed in I.O.1 (research and elaboration of training format) with the key thematic areas of learning being the following:

1- Finding your story: From Business Idea to success. Storytelling toolsto find and structure ideas and strategies.

2- Fashion business sector: theoretical definitions, present realities and emerging trends.

3- Exploring the barriers and learning needs ofmigrantfemales (newly arrived and second generation) in establishing Fashion enterprises.

4- Storytelling as an instrument of entrepreneurial branding: General features and specifically in the fields of Fashion and migrant enterprises.

5- Lead your team – Storytelling as leadership and management tool

6- Storytelling for grant seeker: Regional, National and EU financial opportunities

7-Practical Storytelling exercises.

8- Mentoring concept, instruments and strategies.

9- In focus on Business Planning instruments:

• Businessideas,

• SWOT analysis as an instrument of entrepreneurial planning,

• Reference market analysis,

• Competitors’analysis,

• How reach the target client,

• How deal with marketing issues,

• Financial Plan.

10- Legal issues (national and European dimension)

11- Introduction to Design Thinking.

12- Co-Design Session Joint development of local activities’programme and contents.


  • Start Date:July 17, 2019
  • End Date:July 29, 2019
  • Number of Participants:21
  • Location:Sardinia, Italy